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Harvey is the story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey, a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit. Sounds a little strange, right?  Yes, but the friendship leads to a story line that brings crowd-pleasing entertainment to the stage. The fun begins when Elwood begins introducing his best friend Harvey, the invisible rabbit, around town, and the comedy continues as his embarrassed family deals with Elwood’s very unusual companion.

If you’re familiar with this Pulitzer Prize script, and think you know Harvey, think again! You’re in for a real treat when this character comes to Cleveland, TN. 


Keith McAlister


Cleveland Middle School
Georgetown Road
Cleveland, TN

JAN 6 @ 6:30 JAN 7 @ 2:30


Plan on three times a week and more times closer to opening night. Generally, the rehearsals are in the evenings during the week. After casting and consideration of everyone’s needs, the director will set a schedule according to the rehearsal needs. (Please raise any prior commitments or needs with the Director at auditions.) 


The play calls for a strong cast of actors. We’re looking for both male and female talent.

Please see the list of characters below.


Elwood P. Dowd (Lead) (Age 35-55)

Elwood P. Dowd is the central character of the play, a charming eccentric who’s
best friend is Harvey, an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit. Elwood is well mannered, very friendly, and has “old-school gentleman charm”. Elwood is Veta’s older brother but the age difference needn’t be dramatic.

Dr. William B. Chumley (Age 50-80)
Dr. Chumley is an esteemed psychiatrist and the head of Chumley’s Rest with years of experience. He is a difficult, exacting man who will go to any length to protect the reputation of his sanitarium. Usually played an older actor.

Dr. Lyman Sanderson (Age 20-35)
Dr. Sanderson is a young and highly qualified psychiatrist, handpicked by Dr. Chumley. His talent is only surpassed by his vanity. He is as infatuated with Nurse Kelly as she is with him, though he struggles not to let on. Usually played a younger actor.

Wilson (Age 20-50)
Wilson is the muscle of Chumley’s Rest, a devoted orderly responsible for handling the patients who will not cooperate voluntarily. He sets his sites on Myrtle Mae Simmons soon after meeting her.

Judge Omar Gaffney (Age 40-80)
The judge is an old family friend of the Dowds and the family’s lawyer. He is fiercely protective of the family and surprisingly understanding of Elwood’s belief in Harvey. Usually played an older actor.


Veta Louise Simmons (Age 35-55)
Elwood’s younger sister, Veta has returned to the family home after the death of her mother and is intent on landing a suitable husband for her daughter Myrtle Mae. She is very concerned about fitting into society and all the social proprieties that that involves. She also loves her older brother Elwood very much. This is the dynamic that drives the action of the play.

Ruth Kelly (Age 18-35)
Nurse Kelly is a sympathetic character, a pretty young woman who has a love/hate relationship with Dr. Sanderson. She is sweet and kind and looks for the best in people. Usually played a younger actress.

Myrtle Mae Simmons (Age 18-30)
Myrtle is Veta’s Daughter (Elwood’s Niece). Both Veta and Myrtle are about the business of
finding Myrtle a man to marry-a mission that is made impossible with Elwood and Harvey constantly popping in. Myrtle is extremely self-centered. Usually played a younger actress.

Ethel Chauvenet (Age 50-80)
Mrs. Chauvenet is an old friend of the family. She is an elite member of the town’s social circle that Veta desperately wants Myrtle to break into. Usually played an older actress. A smaller role (Act 1 only) – may double as Betty Chumley.

Betty Chumley (Age 50-80)
Dr. Chumley’s kind and talkative wife. Usually played an older actress. A smaller role (Act 2 only) – may double as Ms Chauvenet.


E. J. Lofgren (Open age)
E.J. Lofgren is a cab driver whose monologue about sanitarium passengers is crucial to the climax of the play. This role has a single scene near the very end and would have a limited rehearsal schedule.

Ocoee Theatre Company

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Ocoee Theatre Company

P.O. Box 222
Cleveland TN 37364

(423) 472-8896